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Engine Oil Level Indicator

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I received a message on the MMI display to top up the engine oil [Add oil, max. 1L. You may continue driving] and so I topped up with half a litre of oil, as per the owner's manual, then waited a while before topping up with another half a litre. I have topped up with 1 Litre, which is the maximum amount according to the engine oil level indicator, but the message remains the same. :wall:

The onboard computer doesn't seem to have registered that I have already put in a litre of oil.

Any ideas what the problem might be?

BTW my car is a A5 Sportback.
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There's a few threads on this topic -try searching on "dipstick" (no, really!). If in doubt, check with you dealer...
Thanks for the reply. :thumbsup:

I dropped my car into my local Audi Service Centre and they told me that the sensor is faulty, so the reading on the oil level indicator is incorrect. I'm not really impressed this has happened as the car is only a few months old. :no:

Oh well. I will definitely buy myself a dipstick to test the oil tank levels manually.
I had the same problem. The indicator said to add up to 1 1/2 quarts. I added in 1/2 quart increments until the indicator went away. It never re-set and started reading over full and add 1 - 1 1/2 quarts simultaneously. I had the dip stick the next day.

My hood open switch (sensor) is broken. The car is soooo smart that it knows that if you haven't opened the hood you could not possibly have added oil. It doesn't re-check the level until the hood has been opened. I verified this by opening up the door, trunk and hood. The door open and trunk open indicators on the dash showed up but the hood open didn't.

The Audi service tech show this to me, it's not original thinking on my part. I'm have the sensor installed this week.
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