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I have an Audi A5 Sline Sportback Facelift 2012 Auto

I can engaged the parking brake using the electronic handbrake manually switch been pull upward and I can release the brake when I pressed the acceleration pedal.

The brake will NOT release if I press the electronic handbrake switch downward.

This has never been a problem for me as I don't manually release the handbrake using the electronic handbrake switch, only using the acceleration pedal.

Lately, I have had some complaint from MOT centre saying I should be able to release the handbrake manually using the electronic handbrake switch.

No error showing in VCDS relating handbrake

My question is,

Is this normal?

Should I been able to release the handbrake using the electronic handbrake switch?

Do I have a faulty switch?

Is there a setting within VCDS that I need to enable?

Thanks for your help

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In order to release the electronic handbrake, by pressing down the handbrake switch, you must have yr foot on the brake pedal.
In my pré-facelift A5, I did change that, so I could release the handbrake all the time.
but this can be dangerous, if the switch is pressed accidentally.
  1. Select module 53 - Parking brake
  2. Select Security Access - 16 and enter the code from the popup screen (25194 - pré-facelift / 78713 - facelift)
  3. [Adaptation - 10] --> channel 04 – Click on ‘Read’,
  4. Change the value into “0” ( = inactive)

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I tried all that and it don't work

Also, my 53 - Parking brake module channel has many options but I do have "Manual release"

I set Manual release with button and brake pedal depressed and it's not working

See attached image


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