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So I've got alot of issues hopefully so people can help with some I'll just start a list

* central locking doesn't work. On rare Occasions it will work on the passenger door on the outside sometimes not. Same with the inside sometimes not. Never ever worked on the drivers side must be locked by key. I have replaced both side locks / actuators made no difference? Boot is the same aswell.

*The electric mirrors don't work on door controller but the passenger side did once when I locked it on the key and its currently stuck closes now and won't open. Drivers side doesn't do anything. And also the drivers side indicator on the wing mirror doesn't work.

*Next the cruise control doesn't work at all check the fuses that's fine?

*And lastly the parking sensors don't work

Hoping someone can help only had the car two weeks already considering breaking. It's a 2008 coupe 3.0 tdi

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Yeah mate you godda have a 100% battery to prevent problems such as these.
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