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Hi guys, I need help. I have had my A5 tdi v6 quattro for a few months now and today I noticed a noise I have not heard before but i cant remember if it's always been like that. When the car is on,moving or not, in gear or not, actually on or not. I hear quite a loud hum. About as loud as a boiling kettle maybe.
It is constant and sounds like a hard drive fan and I know its electrical because when I turn off the car buy pressing g the key in, it makes a two tone final squeak.

Any ideas what this could be? Does the CD player and hard drive and mmi unit make a noise? When I play CDs the discs can get so hot it's almost too hot to hold. Surely this cant be usual. If any body has experienced this please let me know what it can be and what fixes I can look into. This is Not an engine or bearing or prop shaft noise.

Thanks in advance.
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