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Driving in French france, lights set up?

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:confused:A5 sport 3.0 - any one know how to set the lights for france land?

Do I need stickers - and if so where?

looked in MMI but cant see anything
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It should be in MMI (it is in mine)

Select Car > Exterior Lighting > Headlamp Converter and set it to on.

That's it!!!:D
From the USA here... what is the difference/rules between the UK and france with the lights?
Like you Americans, the French drive on the wrong side of the road! :D:D:D:D

Therefore to avoid blinding oncoming drivers, the light beam has to be deflected (or blanked off). Some A5/S5's have the option to switch the lights over in the MMI. Others do not. Even more bizarre - some cars had the option and now they don't (following a software update).
I asked the same question a few months back, seems it depends what version of software is loaded...

As said in another thread I used ext lighting scroll down to Headlamp Converter press on. I had no probs at all and I did quite a bit of middle of the night driving around the Le Mans during the race
Guys in the USA like to upgrade there headlights, just so they can blind people :p .. and how is the left side of the road the right side of the road... someone explain? That is almost as bad as President Bush saying: The Left hand (while gesturing his right hand) Needs to know what the Right hand (while gesturing his left hand) is doing.
if you dont have the option in your MMI, the delaer can do it for you.

also dont forget it is now french law to carry a high visibility jacket in your car
yep have high vis jacket - comes into law in october.

good job I had it as had front left blow out... see new post

yep have high vis jacket - comes into law in october.

Already law - came in July 1st I believe. The French are giving their own three months grace but apparantly jumping all over the English!!! Drove 750 miles overt there the other week and only saw 1 other A5. One bloke started taking pictures of my wheels sat in traffic outside Paris - not sure they'd fit on his 80's golf.
I am now living in france - they pushed the deadline back as people were not ready

so I heard....

where where you drinving, I only saw a white S5 in two weeks, did many many K's
check this one out!!! my A5 can only be made French Legal by taking it into the dealership and getting them to hook it up to the PC and reporgramme the car. Basically they disable the range ajustable light function so each time you start the car up you get an error. I am doing a weekly commute from france so this is very annoying and also the dealiership tried to charge me for it....get real
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