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Hi guys,

I had to replace my drivers door module. I have sourced a new module and also all new wiring looms associated except for the drivers door mirror.

Luckily I have a spare wing mirror from an other vw/audi where the plug fits into the A5 door module. I intend to remove the loom from the spare door mirror and attach it to the existing loom from the door mirror which I had to cut. I am aware I will need to move the wires within the plug to match the pins in the module. There is no way to determine this from the original door module/wiring as some of it was smoldered.

However I have no idea which pin is for what within the module and also which colour wire does what within the existing mirror ( pictures attached ).

If someone would be kind enough to confirm or even better has the wiring diagram I would be eternally grateful.

I hope I have made sense and that you for any assistance. My vehicle is 2008.


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