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Hello all,

I'm on the verge of ordering an A5 2.0T (211) Sport and can't decide whether the Drive Select is worth the extra £1000. The ride on the Sport was brilliant, but given the road surface quality of a large part of the UK is pretty poor I was wondering if having the option of the Comfort mode would be beneficial. I spend about 3hrs a day commuting, mostly motorway. Anyone got opinions/experiences on Drive Select?

Also, are listing S-Line models when you search for A5s (I think they added them in the last few days). Does this mean that S-Line models are coming to the UK? Anyone heard anything about this?
Welcome to the Forum

Some answers/thoughts.

The S Line Question has appeared before. On 16 October my dealer swore he new nothing about S Line as yet and they think like the TT it is unlikely as UK spec cars have many of the S-Line features anyway. Who wants Cloth inserts in their seats anyway!

If you are doing 3 hours a day commute, have you thought about a 3.0Tdi. I was not a diesel fan in the past but the 3.0Tdi is just fantastic, look at the figures. I have done 600 miles in my first week and am absolutely loving it.

Good luck with your choice.


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