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Audi A5 convertible 2009
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Hi I’m new to the site 🤝🤜🤛.
I’m having the dreaded mmi 3g system problem on me Audi a5 b8. When i turn the system on the screen lights up for a bout 8-10 seconds then goes off. I bought a fibre optic loop thingy and disconnected the cd multi changer in glove box. I put on fibre optic loop to bypass the cd unit but when I turn mmi on I’m now getting sound /music but can’t adjust volume and as soon as I touch radio / media button on centre console the whole lot shuts off again so could I possibly have a fault on circuit board in centre console ?? I also don’t have any lights working on centre console as well.
it’s really doing me head in.
Big Steve 👍
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