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Hi all we have 2 audis in our house an A4 and my wife's new A5 .. .
Sad to say we picked this a5 convertable 2.0tfsi 2009 plate 4weeks ago. ..
After a long drive home .we were showing our son the car when dash went a bit haywire lit up like a Christmas tree. After loads of research and vagcom scan faults pointed to abs ecu ..
So I matched up numbers ordered and fitted new unit . Did the soft coding as per vcds long coding helper .
But couldn't find the Correct codes on rosstek for my car .
It appears i need svl or subscribed vcds to get correct coding ?

After clearing fault codes. All the lights went out . but hey presto .took car for test drive but as soon as it moved 4 car lengths . Bing bing .abs and tpms was back on . But no where near the same amount of lights as old unit. .

So I came back took key out put it in again lights go out ? .
But same distance moved and there back on again ..

OK plugged in vcds and it appears my soft coding to the bosch.8.0 isn't working as I need svl or someone with option to get the correct code.

If anyone can help I would really appreciate it .we've had the new car 4 weeks and not been able to drive it safely since. Wife's still driving g her old saab and just wants her new a5 on the road .

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Sorry mate no idea.....
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