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Had this issue with my A5 Cab today. I am used to the window not dropping, had this in previous cold weather and has the same with my old Astra Coupe Cabriolet. A CC slid along the seal where the window meets the door fixes this, however the door mechanism freezing inside is new to me. TBH I am amazed that this can be an issue, it wasn't even that cold and previous cars have always managed to have working doors in far colder temperatures. Anyway it's under extended warranty until the end of this month, is it worth me seeing if Audi can do anything to prevent this in the future or should I just try the WD40 method? I do not see why I should need to sit in the cold in the car for 20 minutes while waiting for the door to close so I can drive off. So any suggestions of what has worked for others would be great.

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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