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door lock barrel

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My 2016 A5 coupe, can insert key into drivers door barrel, the metal key but can not turn it, have tried WD-40 to no avail, it is the correct key as it operates the seat locks and passenger airbag.

Have tried it clockwise and anti clockwise no movement at all, did not want to get any tools on it in case I snap the key.

Any help appreciated :)
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Does the metal key insert fully into the door lock ?
Do you have the plastic "emergency" key that fits into the holder that is stored usually in the glovebox ?
Audizine had this thread recently: Remote key-anyone tried the backup key inside ?
Metal key gods all the way in, same metal key works on seat locks and passenger airbag, don't have the plastic key and only one key, looking at getty a spare sorted this week
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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