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Quick question folks... Recently got my UK 2014 S5 and it has inoperative paddle gears and media controls on the steering wheel. I've also noticed the rear window heater light doesn't come on, and indeed doesn't seem to work. I'm hoping the garage will get this fixed.

But something I'm unsure about, my S5 logo on the rev display doesn't light up and it looks like it's supposed to - can someone confirm whether or not it lights up?

And also, when you put headlights on, is that also not supposed to show which lights are on on the instrument cluster area? Nothing at all appears, regardless of sidelights or dipped beams. Thanks.
My 2010 S5 logo lights up when headlights off and is off when they are on if that helps?
Not sure if that’s what it’s meant to do however but it’s always been that way round for me
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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