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I should have done research first. After breaking two Maxton lips, I decided to go for an aluminum alternative. I've seen a few people with Strafe lips and skirts. So when Black Friday rolled around, they had some good discounts (and I found an active coupon code) So I placed the order. I have the same story now as many others.

1. 11/26/2021 I placed two online orders with Strafe Design Strafe Design during their Black Friday sale.
  • Order #8952 B8/B8.5 V1 Side Skirts
  • Order #8953 B8/B8.5 Audi Front Splitter

2. 12/13/2021 I sent an email asking about status of my orders
- I received an immediate response email
o “Hey! Thanks for reaching out! Your order is currently in production and on schedule to be completed in roughly 2 weeks. Expect a few automatic emails regarding the build progress - as well as tracking confirmation when it is shipped. Thanks for your patience! Let us know if you have any other questions

3. 1/14/2022 I sent another email regarding status
- I received two tracking links with USPS tracking numbers:
92612901755477000021185819, 92612901755477000021185802

4. 1/15/2022 I received email that USPS status label was created
- USPS status was awaiting items. (the current status is not trackable)

5. 1/21/2022 I sent an email stating I was dissatisfied that USPS was still awaiting items
- I received no response

6. 1/27/2022 I sent another email
- I received no response

7. 2/28/2022 I sent another email
- I received no response

I have spoken with my credit card and I can file a dispute at any time. I do desire the items but at my limit for waiting. I filed a complaint with the BBB but that is not going to matter as there is a slew with the same exact story.


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Not good.
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