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Thanks again for the help. I did have trouble with the bumper brackets and when I originally reinstalled the bumber there was some misalignment. I ordered new plastic brackets with the torx screws etc and was delighted how cheap they were. Took off the bumper and fitted the new brackets and bumper in a very short time and everything looks as new. I would suggest anybody doing this to get new brackets from the start.

I am now having trouble with the electrics . I have to take out pins of one of the 32 pin plugs in the BCM2 unit which is on the right side of the boot area and I am concerned that I may ruin the plug. Do you know how to open the plug. The dealer who sold me the unit could not help and the Westphalia instructions are not very helpful. I think from your photographs that your electrical connections are different.

I think I have as an attachment the plug.

Once again Mark thanks for your help.


Hi Jonathan,

I have just started to go through this process. My A5 doesn't have the connector so the electrics are a bit more involved. How did you open the BCM2 connectors in the end ?

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