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Cooling Fans for towing

Hi all,

Heres another Newbie.....:thumbsup:

I have just put down a deposit on a 2010 2.0 TDi S-Line.

I told the dealer that i wanted a removable towbar fitting and he quoted me £450 circa.

Upon investigation, the dealer came back to me and advised that the cost had risen to £1500 due to the fact that the car needs a fan upgrade.

I have spoken to a couple of other dealers who confirmed this.

Apparently, they need to replace the existing 400w fan and replace it with a twin fan setup (1x 400w & 1x200w), a new control unit and brackets etc etc etc.

Fitting time is 8 hours at £120 / hour plus all the parts, resulting in the final bill of £1500.

After speaking to Audi UK; they have advised me that a bulliten has been released to all Audi dealers.

£1500 for a towbar!!?? this sounds ridiculas...

Can anyone shed some light on the situation?


PS: im only looking to tow a stand-up jetski
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