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I have making original (westfalia) second hand trailer hook installation, have original frame and wiring harness and trailer module.

My car have trailer module prepared, so all connectors suppose to be in place.
I have VCDS

Two things missing?

What is new bolt sizes with trailer frame?
Detailed coding?

There are two types of electrics kit, the one for cars prewired and one for cars not prewired. If they've ordered the one for prewired then of course you'll have the red plug in the boot.

There is also a holder for the ball when removed which fits in the boot, well worth having for about £11. The part number is in the fitting instructions I think but if not I can get it for you.

Also the fitting instructions suggest taking out the side trim in the boot, I found this wasn't necessary and saved a huge amount of time.

Is the dealer going to do the coding for you?? If you are doing it yourself with VCDS then you'll need to code the following controllers (where fitted of course) -

  • 19-CAN Gateway [Installation List]
  • 01-Engine
  • 03-ABS Brakes (with Security Access)
  • 09-Cent. Elect.
  • 10-Park/Steer Assist
  • 6C-Back-up Cam
  • 69-Trailer
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