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Delivery tomorrow!

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Car finally being delivered to me tomorrow morning, only problem is I'm going away tomorrow afternoon. After waiting since February couldn't wait till I got back to at least have one drive!
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Hope you enjoy it! Had mine a week and loving it! Did you go for B&O?
Didn't go for B&O as standard audio seemed ok on test drive + decided money better spent on Ys and DRLs.
I love music and have to say that the B&O, AMI and IPod link are absolutely superb. Wouldn't have bothered with the electric seats given the choice!

Having tried A5s with B&O and without, I didn't go for it either. I considered that the standard system was adequate for me too.

Hope you like the car mate. Good job! :)
Nice One adb :cool:

Are you planning any Mods ?? and are you popping along to the National meet at the Lake district :D
Not planning anything at moment. If it turns out to be a nice weekend might have a drive up, not that far from Bury and top end of M6 is a nice place to let rip!
It would be great if you could make it.. you'll have to give us a yell on the thread in the UK forum. if you do manage to come, i'm afraid you may return home with a Mod or 2 in mind though :D

Anyway... Have a great time picking up your car........ ENJOY !!!!! :cool:
Congrats adb, would be great if you could make it too the meet and compare the engines as i will have had mine remapped by then.
Lucky you, Adb! With 32 Nm of power you will be more than excited with you A5...I wish you to have a nice cruising life with your Audi, my friend!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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