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Delayed accelerator response

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I had a 2009 2.7 Diesel A5 for 10 years. It was buttery smooth, loved it. In Jan 2020 I sold it and bought a 6 month old A5 Petrol 40 (1996cc). I bought it because I really enjoyed driving the A5 and I like to go on tours. However, this car is NOT a joy to drive. In important situations like entering a roundabout or at busy junctions, there's a 2 to 5 second delay in the accelerator response, and then it takes off like a rocket. I consider it verging on dangerous.

It's also jerky on normal to hard acceleration from slow speed. It's like a learner driver missing the clutch.

I'm about to put it in the hands of my local Audi dealership who will charge me £120/hr to diagnose the issue. Has anyone else come across this and what are the likely causes? Would it be something covered by warranty? Just trying to get a heads up before I take the plunge with the dealership.


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Purely a personal opinion but driven dsg boxes in all the VAG marques and convinced they are not designed for UK roundabouts
imho, (many) British roundabouts aren't designed for modern cars which break hard and accelerate quickly. A lot of the time you have to give way to the cars to the right long before they even enter the roundabout as they join at speed knowing they can stop on a dime if need be. Shouldn't be like that, really.

Craig you said there's a 2-5 second delay - 5 seconds doesn't sound right to me. Surely something wrong there.
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