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Delayed accelerator response

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I had a 2009 2.7 Diesel A5 for 10 years. It was buttery smooth, loved it. In Jan 2020 I sold it and bought a 6 month old A5 Petrol 40 (1996cc). I bought it because I really enjoyed driving the A5 and I like to go on tours. However, this car is NOT a joy to drive. In important situations like entering a roundabout or at busy junctions, there's a 2 to 5 second delay in the accelerator response, and then it takes off like a rocket. I consider it verging on dangerous.

It's also jerky on normal to hard acceleration from slow speed. It's like a learner driver missing the clutch.

I'm about to put it in the hands of my local Audi dealership who will charge me 拢120/hr to diagnose the issue. Has anyone else come across this and what are the likely causes? Would it be something covered by warranty? Just trying to get a heads up before I take the plunge with the dealership.


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I do love a dual-clutch box, best of both worlds IMO. I've even got one in my motorbike, Honda's DCT. It's interesting comparing it to the S-tronic.

Both have the "roundabout issue" where it thinks you're coming to a stop and disengages the clutch, then suddenly has to bang it back into gear when you hit the gas. You can drive around this with a bit of practice, just gently press the go pedal a second before you actually want to go, this 'wakes up' the transmission.

The 'throttle delay' S-tronic issue is weird though, and the Honda box doesn't have that problem - you twist the throttle, it goes instantly. Maybe it's something Audi have engineered into the software? I read somewhere that German drivers prefer it that way, but can't find the article.

My guess is that it's a throttle drive-by-wire issue rather than something inherently wrong with the gearbox design. That's just my opinion and could be utter cobblers of course 馃檪
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The delay in mine is maybe half a second, but it does feel like an eternity when you're trying to pull out into a small gap in traffic!
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