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2014 Audi A5 Coupe 1.8TFSI multi-tronic- 76k (UK)

Hi guys- first post! Tried searching through the forums to find a problem similar but no avail so decided to post.

Typically the problem arises typically if I’ve been driving longer distances, longer than half an hour, at higher speeds. When pulling away from a stop, it appears the gear won’t initially engage and the engine revs to probably around 1700-2000, bounces a few times then engages and starts to pull away as normal. It doesn’t appear to happen in S or M mode as often as in standard D, but still happens occasionally (but I use these modes a lot less often).

I have the transmission oil planned to be changed on Tuesday as per the recommendation from Audi (every 38k) but some Audi engineers I’ve discussed with don’t seem to be familiar with the issue.

Honestly, I’m not sure if this has always been the case and I’ve only become more aware in the last 3 months (change of job and commuting more) and has always been the case or is a developing issue- I have had a DCT transmission prior to this, and I understand the basics of a CVT gearbox - is it possibly just a characteristic of the CVT transmission?

has anyone had similar issues with a CVT gearbox? Or can anyone shed some light or experience?

Thanks in advance!
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