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Hey Guys

I’m new here and hope you guys can help me in my weird unresolved issue.
I have a 2009 A5, 3.2 FSI engine with 180,000 kilometers. I have own it since 2018 and in love since I have bought it.

During 2020 I started to have a weird issue that’s has cost me 1500£ with not resolution, the issue is that I keep hearing a very bad knocking noise that only appears when I’m driving on low rpm around the 3500 mark which will go away if I accelerate or in full throttle.

I have a ThinkDiag so I did a check on the codes that I have and it was only on Bank2 with a cylinder 4 contribution balance so I did the obvious and switched the injections to see if that would cause any difference with no luck my stupid mechanic told me it might be a dirty peso just ignore it so after a couple of months I have the same on cylinder 3 I have tried multiple things to resolve this though I do feel that this might be electrical since I have switched the generator recently.
One thing to mention I recently suspected it might be caused by a faulty O2 sensor so i switched the bank2/1 sensor upstream and the issue went away for around an hour but then it came back without any obvious reason

Any ideas guys this really frustrating the noise make me hate the car sometimes 😓
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