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Hi all,

I’ve recently started to get a misfire on cylinder 2 but only at high RPM in a high gear.

The first time it happened I thought it could have just been due to bad fuel as it seemed to be a one off. I took it into Audi and they swapped the coil packs/sparks plugs of cylinder 1 and 2. After this it was all fine for about 3 weeks.

last week the EML started flashing and gave a P030200 code. I noticed the misfire had only happened while going uphill at high RPM and gear, seems to start at about 4K RPM.

It didn’t seem like the coil packs had been changed before so hoped this would be the fix. Put a new coil pack in cylinder 2 today but unfortunately hasn’t made a difference.
The spark plugs were changed at 40k and the car is on 50k now so didn’t think it could be these?

if it’s not the coils or plugs I’m guessing it’s likely to be the injector. Are these straight forward to replace or would it be best to get a garage to do it?

Has anyone had similar problems if so what was the fix? I don’t know why the misfire only happens in higher gears, it won’t misfire if in park even at a higher RPM.

The car is a 62 plate 2.0 TSFI
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