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Cuppa's S5 Coupe - Build thread

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WELCOME TO MY BUILD THREAD - This first post has been edited to show the original dealer photo and the latest photo to compare the build - it also has a complete list of modifications I have made to date including links to manufacturer website or place of purchase.

Cuppa's S5 Coupe Facebook Page

TTS Supercharger kit (custom colour and signed) - fitted at MRC Tuning
Okada Projects Plasma Direct Ignition Coils
2014 MRC Cooling Kit - fitted at MRC Tuning
Custom Fog Grille replacement Air Intake - fitted at MRC Tuning
Capristo Exhaust (Remote Control Guide) - fitted at MRC Tuning - later customised at Jabbasport
KW DDC ECU Coilovers (REVIEW / FITTING) - fitted at Jabbasport
JHM Short-throw shifter (FITTING) - fitted at MRC Tuning
H&R Anti-roll bars - fitted at MRC Tuning
OEM R8 GT Ceramic Front Brakes - bought from LittleDevil and fitted at fitted at Jabbasport
OEM S7 Ceramic Rear Brakes - bought from LittleDevil, customised and fitted at Jabbasport
OEM RS5 brake booster - fitted at MRC Tuning
Rieger RS5 front Bumper - bought from UK supplier and self fit at Martin Bradley Body Repairs
OEM RS5 Grille - bought from ebay and and self fit at Martin Bradley Body Repairs
Rieger Luftseiden sideskirts (LEFT / RIGHT) - bought from UK supplier and and self fit at Martin Bradley Body Repairs
OEM RS5 rear bumper and valance - bought from llBen and self fit at Martin Bradley Body Repairs
HRE P104 21x10.5" wheels bought and fitted at Prestige Wheel Centre
Michelin Pilot Super Sports 295/25/21 tyres bought and fitted at Prestige Wheel Centre
Tikore Industries Titanium Wheel Bolts - fitted at Prestige Wheel Centre
OEM RS5 Rear bootlid (with working spoiler) - bought from ebay and self fit. Loom/instructions from llBen
LED rear lights - fitted by
Custom stereo (Signed Morel Elate Limited Edition speakers and sub, 3 x Sinfoni Grave amps, Audison DA1/BitOne.1 processor) - fitted at Auto Audio Installations
S5 custom mats - fitted at Autostyle UK
Interior LED lights - fitted by t8ups/EM Tuning
RS pedal set - bought from ebay and self fit
OEM cupholders (Large: 8X0 864 575 / Small: 420 087 017) - bought from ebay and self fit
Facelift chrome buttons (door/boot/console) - fitted by
Audi North America Cargo boot luggage storage system - bought from ECS Tuning and self fit
Tinted Windows - fitted at Auto Audio Installations
R8 Oil Cap (420103485B) - bought from ebay and self fit
R8 Coolant Cap (420121321) - bought from ebay and self fit
R8 Power Steering Fluid Cap - bought from ebay and self fit
Audi Tyre Repair Gel 8E0012619 - bought from ebay and self fit
Audi Tyre Pump/Inflator 8P0 012 615 A - bought from ebay and self fit
Audi A1 LED Rear number plate lights (FITTING) - bought from Dealer and self fit
SPC Adjustable Upper Control Arms (FITTING) - bought and fitted at JabbaSport
RS6 Steering Wheel with TT Airbag (FITTING) - bought from eBay and self fit
S6/S7 (C7 Model) Start Button (FITTING) - bought from dealer
Google MMI 3G+ Nav, including DAB radio - bought and fitted by llBen
Transparent Matte Wrap - applied at Valet Magic
Mini0801 Dashcam - bought from Amazon and self fit
P3Cars Digital Boost Gauge - self fit
034 Motorsport B8 Transmission Mount - BUY ONE HERE
Apikol B8 Rear Diff Mount - BUY ONE HERE
GRD Auto brushed dark chrome door mirrors

Parking Plus System (adding 4 front sensors and parking camera) - bought and fitted by llBen
Cruise control - fitted by
Auto-dimming rear view mirror - bought from ebay and self fit
Folding/dimming door mirrors (FITTING) - fitted by
Advanced Key - Keyless Go and Keyless Entry - fitted by
Luggage Hooks - bought from dealer and self fit
Boot side netting - bought from dealer and self fit
Boot cargo net - bought from ebay and self fit
Memory Seats activation and door panel buttons - fitted by
Audi Music Interface (AMI) - fitted by
OEM Updated lower control arm kit - fitted at Jabbasport


The Journey so far...

Hi all,

Been an Audi driver since 1998 and had a workhorse A4 1.8 from new until last September when at 140,000 miles with lots of outstanding repairs it had to go.

After much debating I bought a 2008 S5 Coupe in Meteor Grey with Magma Red interior. I've had her a while, not that many factory options, and a few simple mods so far, but the real work starts now the warranty has gone.

I'm having an aftermarket amp and speaker setup fitted. My car is currently with Auto Audio Installations in London. I have to say I am very impressed with their work and the workshop is full of exotic cars, made my S5 look like a bit of a joke in comparison to the Porsche, Bentley, etc.

The build will include Morel Limited Edition Elate 2-way speaker setup for the front (housed in the doors):

Although not shown in the generic photo, the ones being fitted are actually signed by Morel's founder Meir Mordechai and are one of only 6 signed sets in the world. There are some custom mounts being made for the larger speakers to expose the signature on the cone:

There are also some custom mounts being fabricated to hold the tweeters in a replacement for the mounts next to the door mirrors:

A sub will be placed behind the mat in the passenger footwell. The rear passengers will get more Morel speakers (not as high spec). The 3 Sinfoni amps to drive this lot look like they've been put above the rear left wheel arch :

This is still a work in progress and I've not seen my car for over a week now so eager to get it back, but have been sent some photos of progress so thought I'd post them. Hopefully have it back on Wednesday.
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Looks awesome Cuppa. Tell me something about the RS 5 bumper... Do you lose the front fogs, or do they sit behind the grilles? If they're deleted, do you have to remove them from the programming using VCDS?
Haven't seen this beast in the flesh since last year at castle combe Cuppa. Certainly changed a lot since then. Hoping to get to one of the meets later this year to hook up. Looks fab mate. Now are you going to sit back and enjoy it for a while? Hopefully you're not going to get itchy and move on to another project?!
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Will almost certainly attend Audis In The Park again this year, so looking forward to catching up with all the mods there.
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Hello and welcome. Afraid there's no prizes for the 1000th post, but it is a testament to Cuppa's dedication that this thread has such long legs. Congrats Cuppa.
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I pity the fool parked next to you!!

Ahem... That was me!
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Oh thanks for the big up kenny. Where's the "I'm sure your car looked great too"?
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Hehe, yes mate. Cuppa's ride is an awesome thing to behold, but I'm still proud of my poor cousin. Looks wise it's still got it, even amongst such esteemed company. I've met cuppa on quite a few occasions over the last three years or so, and he's very down to earth and shows an interest in everyone's metal, as do all the usual suspects who frequent the shows. You should take a nice long road trip and join us one time mate.
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Just read the story on your car in last issue of Audi Tuner cuppa. Very impressive read, really enjoyed it. Quite surreal reading a glossy mag article about a car and owner who I've personally met several times over the last few years, and seen the progress in the flesh. Well done you.
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Thanks Dan, as you say the real heart of the story is on here and at the meets, but is nice it was picked up for AudiTuner mag. Hopefully see you again this year at some of the meets?

Yes, I'm sure we will cuppa. Planning on visiting gti international in July on the Sunday, so if you make it there then I'm sure I'll bump into you. Take care.
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Looks like that was about ready Cuppa. You going stock or performance... or is that a daft question?!
:wink2: >:) :grin2:

Haha, ok daft question!
Does Superman arrive when you turn on your lights? :wink2:
No, but it confuses the shit out of Batman! :wink2:

Nice work Cuppa! :thumbsup:
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That really is rather cool Cuppa, but... does it light the way ahead in the dark?

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Nice to see you back Cuppa! Machine is looking very cool as usual!

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Cuppa was last active on here nearly 18 months ago. No idea whether he still checks in for a read or not, but doubt you will get a reply.

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