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CT/NY Meet - Sunday, 3/18/12

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Decided to create a separate thread here as it seemed more appropriate given this is a GTG. Here is the original thread:

Suggested start time of 10AM at the northbound Mobil station/rest stop just over the CT/NY border on the Merritt Parkway. Map:

Google Maps

Anyone want to bring bagels or something similar? Coffee?

I'm happy to make any VAG-COM changes people need and then after hanging out for awhile, we could head-out for some fun on the Merritt. Looking forward to it!
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10am works OK for me.

Putting the summer tires back on later this week, but since I'm bone stock, my Merritt fun may be a bit limited.

Stasis Touring upgrade coming in the next few weeks.
Summer tires are back on. Car is washed (not really detailed). Ready for tomorrow. Meeting Joeydroptop on the Merritt near rt25 for the drive southbound.
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Good meeting everyone. :thumbsup:

Nice spirited drive both to & from the rest area (although, I had a few "moments".... :yikes:).

....darn speed alarm kept going off.......
VAG, Camera, Video producer..... with all that talent, he should have no problem sneaking a Supercharger under his hood...... You know he wants one. That's why he was smiling everytime you rocketed by.:thumbsup:
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