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CT/NY Meet - Sunday, 3/18/12

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Decided to create a separate thread here as it seemed more appropriate given this is a GTG. Here is the original thread:

Suggested start time of 10AM at the northbound Mobil station/rest stop just over the CT/NY border on the Merritt Parkway. Map:

Google Maps

Anyone want to bring bagels or something similar? Coffee?

I'm happy to make any VAG-COM changes people need and then after hanging out for awhile, we could head-out for some fun on the Merritt. Looking forward to it!
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Is this a drive or just meet and greet?
It's 10min from me. I plan to be there!
Initially a meet and greet but if people want to go driving afterwards, that section of the Parkway is fun.
Thanks man.
I may still have my Hoens from when I did the HID conversion. Will look tonight...
Thanks Derek, Let me know how much you want for them if you still have em, I will grab them from you this Sunday.
No charge for a fellow petrolhead!
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Good idea! Just ordered these Wolfgang products i was reffered to try out by Mopsta, What do you like using for your detailing?
P21S for as long as I can wax monthly and then once it is too cold, I switch to Zaino. Likely going to try the Wolfgang products this year...
Thanks Derek thats very kind of you!
No luck; sorry... I looked everywhere!

Car is washed, clayed, waxed and leather is nice & clean :) REALLY looking forward to tomorrow...
FYI - almostS50 and I are meeting at the New Canaan rest stop (southbound side of the Merritt between exits 37 and 38) at 9:30AM tomorrow for some GoPro fun on the way to the GTG. Please feel free to join us!
Summer tires are back on. Car is washed (not really detailed). Ready for tomorrow. Meeting Joeydroptop on the Merritt near rt25 for the drive southbound.
Meet us at the New Canaan rest stop close to 9:30!
So I stopped by the carwash on the way home from work today. I get out of my car as they vacuum. Guy pulls up behind me in a range rover and gets out of it. Only problem was that he left it in gear!!! I turned around in time to see that huge thing pummel the back of my black beauty!!! Wtf!? He was nice about and will pay to get it fixed but come on! I'll try and come tomorrow still but my ass will be all dented. Terrible.
That f'in sucks! Do you want me to bring anything to try and buff it out?
I suspect you're correct fixer. He was blowing smoke about buying wheels but that's just a stay of execution. I think he's got it bad.
Amen my friend!
Just watched the video again, actually about three times and couldn't help but notice the smile on BB's face, the grin was ear to ear and that is the grin of someone doing what they love. What anyone who was not there did not see was the way BB worked without stopping to vag everyone who lined up and asked nothing in return. I myself am a recipient of BB's work and it is spot on every time-so to you BB here is a big AOC5 THANK YOU!
Thank you Scott! Absolutely my pleasure and had a great time!! Good to be surrounded by other S5 owners...
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Nice job on the video bb vign .. and that was very nice of you to do Vag-Com mods for everyone...

It would have been sick to have all of the s5's in the video, but theres always next time ... Glad you had enough battery life to get everything though...
Great job on the pics!! Unfortunately, my battery died within seven seconds of firing the GoPro up for the ride home. Will remember to turn it off next time; doh!
Bb you know that the video won't play on my iPhone. I guess it's to large of a file
Scott - it has to do with YouTube's "syndication" settings (e.g. ability to play on a mobile device) which can't be changed if they suspect copyrighted material is included in the posted video. Given I added music to the video, this is the cause and can't be changed.
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