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CT/NY Meet - Sunday, 3/18/12

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Decided to create a separate thread here as it seemed more appropriate given this is a GTG. Here is the original thread:

Suggested start time of 10AM at the northbound Mobil station/rest stop just over the CT/NY border on the Merritt Parkway. Map:

Google Maps

Anyone want to bring bagels or something similar? Coffee?

I'm happy to make any VAG-COM changes people need and then after hanging out for awhile, we could head-out for some fun on the Merritt. Looking forward to it!
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You know I'm in there... Looking forward to this, we should have a nice group...
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I'm counting 8 so far including AlmostS50 who hasn't posted yet, should be a nice sight
10am works OK for me.

Putting the summer tires back on later this week, but since I'm bone stock, my Merritt fun may be a bit limited.

Stasis Touring upgrade coming in the next few weeks.
My Merritt fun will be limited too, just got a speeding ticket today after getting my car back from Audi of Fairfield, 81 in a 55..

As tempting as it may be, I might have to lay low .. We're only going to be playing catch-up with scott anyway , or try-to-catch-up lol

The Merritt is usually pretty dead anyway, and those with radars will give us heads up... I need a radar!!!!
Damn where did you get snagged? Good idea, whoever has a radar detector can lead the pack!!
In Harrison, on my way over to EuroTech in NJ to have my S-Tronic shift knob and HID fogs installed..

Ironically, Scott has the radar, and will most likely be in the lead lol
2 red cars and all the rest are black ... we need some diversity haha
trying to recruit some white s5s.. i messaged crisp74 and teky929rr to see if they would like to join .. there not exactly in the area but not too far away
If I don't at least suggest he come along -then its just another attempt to be with my car and not my family(which it is) but since I have at least three track events already paid for with hopefully more this spring -bringing my son makes me look more like a dad spending quality time with his boy then the huge pile of shit that I really am!
Bring him along.. He'll be torturing you for his first car before you know it lol, or trying to steal the keys to the s5 haha
Haha well its not like they make S5'S in too many colors, But i hear ya! How did your HID fogs come out? Ive been looking for some legit ones but all i can find are some cheap ones on Ebay that i really dont trust....
I got a 6000k 35w HID kit. They look nice and I like them so far, for now, as long as they are working lol. I have yet to see or hear of a good brand, and they always seem to be hit or miss and very unpredictable. The first 8k hid kit I tried didn't even turn on and fire the bulbs up. Ive tried cheap ones, expensive ones , not so expensive ones, all pretty much seem to be the same Japanese crap all rebranded with different labels. Usually people get the kits for dirt cheap and sell them for a huge profit.

If you do try an hid kit, I would just get the cheapest one you can buy on eBay or something, that way when they burn out your not as mad and didn't waste as much money, maybe pick up a second kit for spare bulbs ballasts. 55w hid kits are brighter, but generate a lot more heat than the 35 Wat kits which are still very bright..though less likely to cause the damage as Scott described..still doesn't mean things can't happen, but I haven't really heard of anyone having melting problems with 35 watt ...

if you don't need them for the greater light output, just mainly for looks/color to match the led drls, just get the Hoen halogen fog bulbs and skip the headache and aggravation.
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Great info thanks alot Vinny, let us know in a few weeks how the HID fogs are working! do you have any links or any idea where to get those hoen halogen fog bulbs? matching my drls is basically all I want.

thanks again
Yea definitely go with the Hoen then, I needed something brighter..

I'm not sure where you can get them though since I never really looked into purchasing them.. Try doing a search on the forums and I'm sure you'll come across a link.. Check ecs tuning, they may carry them
Wow...too bad I missed this! How about you CT guys roll thru NYC for a meet?!?!
If we could get more guys together that would be awesome. Its not a problem for me since I'm still in NY a lot.. but some of the guys are pretty far up north so not sure if they would make the trip...

but I would think we would be able to get an even bigger group, plus it would be closer to some of the guys that are out in jersey.. the more the merrier right? lol
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I had a great time guys, it was nice meeting everyone.. sorry I was so late...

10 s5s together at once was definitely was a sight to see .. hopefully we could get this group to grow even more ... we were able to get that many guys together with short notice, so hopefully there will be an even better turnout of S5/A5 and other Audis for "Dubs on Defrost"...

I'm definitely down for a monthly meet, that would be awesome.
I would even be down for every two or three weeks, but that might be pushing it lol
Here are my pics ...

Theres a bunch put I wanted to post them all for everyone ...

Enjoy ...

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Nice job on the video bb vign .. and that was very nice of you to do Vag-Com mods for everyone...

It would have been sick to have all of the s5's in the video, but theres always next time ... Glad you had enough battery life to get everything though...
Wouldn't the excec's @ Audi have a Hard on if they new things like this took place!
You should try to get Audi of Fairfeild to host an event for us, that would be pretty cool ... Free BBQ on the house lol imagine that
My son found the video and now I'm being blackmailed by my kid.
Haha smart kid. That's funny. "mom look what dad does at these car meets"... Then goes into school and shows his friends what a bad ass dad is with a sick carl ol
"Dubs on Defrost"

Carshow, Vendors & BBQ

Saturday April 7, 2012

Sherwood Island State Park - Westport, Connecticut

12:00 PM to 4:00 PM

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