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So here goes....

On my 2008 3.0 tdi I replaced the EGR thermostat as the coolant temp was never reaching 90 degrees. This took me about 3 hours due to the faffing trying to get access to where it is underneath pipes etc. In the end I removed the oil filter housing and turbo oil feed to get access. Got it all back together and took it a run, coolant temperature reached 90 pretty quickly so I’m thinking great problem solved until I attempt a 3 point turn and realise the power steering is intermittently going on/off making it extremely difficult to turn the wheel at low speeds.

Checked under the bonnet and I now seem to have quite a big coolant leak coming from somewhere deep down in the Recess of the V presumably from the other end of the hose that goes into the EGR stat. It looks like because it’s leaking so much coolant that then drops down and soaks the belts which I think are slipping when the power steering is under load.

Has anyone else had this problem? I can’t see where the other end of that hose goes but I’m guessing it’s to the engine block And to get to it I’ll need to try and get the inlet manifold off at a minimum?
I’ve added a photo of the hose I’m talking about

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