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Hi All,

Car: Audi A5 211 2.0TFSI - Convertible (2010)

Months and months ago.. my rear window glass of my A5 convertible roof... just came away from the fabric and eventually the entire lower half was flapping loose and letting water / elements in..

replacements seem to be about £3K (3rd party) and more for genuine Audi

i found the window bond glue for about £10, used a combination of wood, clamps and time and managed to glue it mostly back - this worked and then recently started to fail again.. so this time i did a better seal and tiding up with a knife - the point is window is temp back in... however looks crap

The roof itself is a bit worn anyways as well

So my solution to fix this is to try and buy a second hand roof assembly (complete) to bolt in etc.. this works out about £500 instead of 3k!

Does anyone have any tips for this? how to do it? stuff to do? do you just part fold it and unbolt it? do you manual release it and then somehow undo this?

I have read about the manual release for the roof.. but i also have read this is emergency and you have to go to Audi to get it reset to work again?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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