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Considering a S5 2018!

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Hi all,
I've owned a M2 for just under 1.5 years & I haven't greatly enjoyed owning it. It's far to bumpy for a daily driver in the current state of UK roads. As a track car it would be sublime but sadly I'm not wealthy enough to worry about a track car. So I'm getting rid of it.

I'm torn between 3 cars atm & starting to do my research & would be grateful of your comments on owning a S5; out of interest I've listed my current list of cars I'm considering:

1 - Nissan 370Z 50th Edition (had a 350Z for 15 years & it was my pride & joy).
2 - Audi S5 - it seems to tick many boxes what I'm after, I'm just a little concerned it doesn't look too special & know nothing on what it's like to maintain. Never owned an Audi before & a little concerned with the reputation they have for consuming oil.
3 - Mercedes C43 AMG - On paper this ticks all the boxes; however I'm not over the moon with it's aesthetics; also many of these on the roads.

So how have you found owning your S5? What should I look out for? I watched a video last night where the driver's were commenting when you really push it the car hesitates a little; as if the computer is figuring out what to do. I'm an enthusiastic driver, however the main reason I'm outing the M2 is there are not many opportunities to put the foot down.

Grateful of input to your experiences.
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I looked at the 370z, c63 amg, bmw M3 and 650i, b8.5 S5 and gen 1 R8, when coming off the 3.2 mk2 TT.

At the end of the day the Audi RS5 (or S5) ticked all the boxes, modern timeless design, AWD, performance, and overall build quality and pedigree.

I'm sure the b9 S5 is just as great, it's quick for sure, but compared to an Rs5 I felt it lacked a little soul.

The 370z to me is just a cheaper feeling version of a 3.2 TT without AWD.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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