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Considering a S5 2018!

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Hi all,
I've owned a M2 for just under 1.5 years & I haven't greatly enjoyed owning it. It's far to bumpy for a daily driver in the current state of UK roads. As a track car it would be sublime but sadly I'm not wealthy enough to worry about a track car. So I'm getting rid of it.

I'm torn between 3 cars atm & starting to do my research & would be grateful of your comments on owning a S5; out of interest I've listed my current list of cars I'm considering:

1 - Nissan 370Z 50th Edition (had a 350Z for 15 years & it was my pride & joy).
2 - Audi S5 - it seems to tick many boxes what I'm after, I'm just a little concerned it doesn't look too special & know nothing on what it's like to maintain. Never owned an Audi before & a little concerned with the reputation they have for consuming oil.
3 - Mercedes C43 AMG - On paper this ticks all the boxes; however I'm not over the moon with it's aesthetics; also many of these on the roads.

So how have you found owning your S5? What should I look out for? I watched a video last night where the driver's were commenting when you really push it the car hesitates a little; as if the computer is figuring out what to do. I'm an enthusiastic driver, however the main reason I'm outing the M2 is there are not many opportunities to put the foot down.

Grateful of input to your experiences.
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I have owned BMW E92 SE for 5 years before it was stolen. My mate owned the same car but in Msport vesion. My mates Msport was very nice driving on dual carriage ways and taking round abouts but when it came to typical UK town roads his car was hard ride and my SE was idea for the roads.

The Audi S5 is same category as a BMW 340i so maybe consider that as 1st option.

But you need to decide if you can live with a Audi Quattro comming from powerfull BMW rear wheel drive?

I dont think you will get the ride any better with Audi S5 on UK town road. It will be a S-Line lowered suspension.
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Did you drive the B9 S5? or do you own one? Even with S line, it's very soft/comfortable.
I have a B8 2.0i A5 with a basic non S-Line suspension and this seems harder than a BMW E92 SE..others own the same A5 model complain the suspension is too soft and lower the car. I am just comparing the the ride of BMW vs Audi.
Unless I am mistaken the true S-Line is harder/lower than standard suspension.

We all have different level of tolerance when it comes to the term "comfort" ride. I have seen owners of B8 with 20inch alloys S-Line suspension and say its comfortable.
Thanks for all your input. The main things I dislike about my M2:

1 - It's too bumpy on bad roads.
2 - I also wish the interior was a better insulated with sound.
3 - This sounds a bit silly, but when I shut the door it sounds like I'm shutting the door of a 1980's fiesta.

I'm not very pleased with the build quality of BMW's. I believe they came 17 out of 20 on reliability; which does not surprise me in the slightest.
I have to say the Audi A5 does a very good job with sound insulation compared to BMW. On the BMW I could hear a lot of tire noise but the Audi feels refined.
I have refreshed suspension on both the BMW and Audi. The Audi front suspension has 4 control arms but BMW only has 2 so that maybe why the Audi suspension is superior. I would say I my next car would be another Audi A5 and not a BMW. Those B9 A5 do look very nice :cool:

I suppose being a BMW 1 series maybe less refined than a bigger brother the 3 or 4 series.

BMW M2 is pocket rocket so you don't buy that for quite or comfort :D
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