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Coming in to port in 2 days! WHEEEEE

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I can almost smell the leather and hear the roar of my S5! Arrives in port in RI on the 16th and I wish I could go there and just pick it up. Here's to hoping it only takes 2 days to get to the dealership! I know everyone around me is praying it comes so they can stop hearing me whine about not having it :)
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Good luck Nick...shouldn't be long now. All your friends will forget about the whining once they see the DRLs and the beast in person. Then they will just be jealous...:D:D
Took about 1-2 weeks from RI to New York dealer for my car. They will not truck it until they have a full load of cars, not to mention checking the car in and getting the paperwork at the port straight. Congrats tho!
I have an S5 on that ship also. The dealer told me port arrival on the 14th. I've only waited three months so I'm not gonna complain, but the anticipation is killing me also. I'm gonna add audicare and tinting to the vehicle. Of course I'm going to brief the dealer on how to do the tinting without shorting out all the electronics. What if anything is everyone else adding?????
yeah, I'm not even going to pretend to know how long it's going to take to get to the dealership. I just hope it comes soon so I can stop shaking.

The only things I'm doing is putting on the bra (NYC drivers and parking attendants SUCK) and I was going throw on the winter tires but I might make them wait since the car is coming a little bit sooner than expected. I was told they would only need a day or two with the car after it arrives.
Yeah the clear bra is a good idea, I might have to go price that also. I had some pretty deep scratches on my 350z from rocks. I can't believe i'm going to be driving my S5 in a week!:D ( hopefully sooner).
Hope you do better than I have through the RI port. Took more than 2 weeks to reach dealer in Philly area. But it's here now!!

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