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Hi everyone, first post.

I have my S5 on order which is awaiting shipping. One of the problems I first had when ordering was colour choice having originally gone for Meteor grey on the asumption that it was the same as the porsche colour. Having lost my nerve I changed it to Silver with Silver interior. discussions with my wife and the dealer suggested I was making a terrible choice and suggested a dark exterior colour so back I went to meteor grey.

The problem I have now is that I feel I may have made a bad choice, the car is already bulit so cant change my mind just looking for reassurance. The only time I had seen the colour was a sample at the dealers after placing the order which looked Ok as a dark mettalic. The pictures on the various web sites seem to make this colour look different dependant on the lighting conditions. I caught a glimpse of what I assume was a meteor grey S5 passing an audi dealer yesterday and it looked like a very flat, bland colour compared with the porsche equivilant. almost to the point where I would considere it in the same league as the old TT colour nimbus (Primer) grey.

Anyone sene the colour in real life up close care to comment.

I have Meteor Grey and you can see the pics posted. It DOES change with the lighting and on a drab day it looks Grey and in the sunshing it has a tint of blue. Everyone has said how good it looks in this colour and with an immediate coat of deep gloss wax (Autoglym), it reflects the light superbly. I would have gone for Silver inside but with 2 youngsters sometimes in the rear, it didn't seem a wise choice.
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