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Well first of all I think you made a good choice -- I too am ordering Meteor Gray for my S5.

But besides that, it looks like you have noticed the difference between Pearl and Metallic paints. Metallic paints have flecks that reflect light like little smashed up mirrors in the paint. Pearlescent paints have different color pigments that will reflect light differently depending on the time of day, so it can take on slightly different hues. I have Avus Silver pearl on my S4 and in the bright sunlight it can look simply like a darker silver, on a cloudy afternoon it's more blueish and "flat", then slightly purpleish blue as it gets darker, and at night a dark reflective silver (hard to describe). Many people won't notice things like that but I love it. It's less common and gives cars a special quality in my opinion.

Silver is the classic, low maintenance color and endures time very well. Black is gorgeous as well but as others have said higher maintenance to keep clean and free of swirl marks. I've seen black bimmers and audis in my neighborhood that are only 3 years old and look like hell, but it's all about how you take care of your car. I'm a nut about keeping it waxed and clean so my cars always look good when selling privately.

Anyway, I really think you'll like the Meteor. Yes you'll have to wash it more frequently but you'll probably WANT to wash it a lot. I can't wait to see pics of your new car! I'm in California and will have to wait until at least October to get mine. I'm going with Meteor gray and light silver napa interior.
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