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My brother owns an H2 Hummer and can't quite figure out what everyone is complaining about as he never sees double digit mpg:cool: . I personally think that this is not an issue. We all bought the car knowing what the gas milage was going to be (it is stated in the Audi brochure). Besides if you drive an average of 15K miles per year (I actually do 25K) you will use 1071.42 gal of fuel/year (using 14mpg- worst case scenario) vs 750 gal/year if you get 20 mpg. In Pittsburgh I am currently seeing high octane at around $3.20/ gallon therefore $1371.46 per year higher fuel cost. That's $114.29/month. Not a small amount of change, but gee wiz (didn't want to use profanity) half of the forumites here just got their vehicles and are already putting $4000 worth of aftermarket wheels on and considering Milltek exhausts etc. (obviously not worried about spending some extra coin on a car they love). Maybe to the guy who watches the CNET review out of curiosity but never intends to buy anything that gets under 30 mpg thinks that its aweful, but I on the other hand (and I am sure many of you feel the same) consider it just part of the cost of owning such a great car.
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