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Clutch Issue

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Has anyone noticed a grinding feeling when using the clutch? Sometimes I get it, sometimes I do not. :confused:
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My S5 is a '09 model end it also has that pedal stickiness ...

Anyone fixed this problem yet?
I discussed this issue back in January. WHen I talked with the service manager, he was very quick to say this is a natural problem in S4,S5 has something to do with the fact that the car has a Hydraulic and mechanical clutch. Its something I have learned to live with. Also only occurs once car is warm.
I find this problem verry disturbing, and I can't see myself learning to live with it.

An if it is natural, then all the S5 should have this problem ...
Any news on this problem? :confused:
well i just verified that the 'sticky clutch' on my s5 that i complain about comes standard as i just tried out the clutch on a brand new showroom s5 and to my surprise, it exhibited the same stickiness on the first stab and release of the clutch. so, i'll just shut-up about my complaints as it's apparently one of audi's hi-tech 'features', along with the funny parking hillhold assist brake and the antistall software.........
i now pronounce my s5 perfect in everyway, i just have to get used to all these new school features!
and the dealer explained, all the s3 and s4 have the same feeling clutch

guess i'm an old school guy coming from the nissan z, skylines, rx8s where the clutches just did whatever i want . . .
Or maybe the new S5 that was in the showroom had also a problem...

If this was a normal thing, some kind of sistem ... then the car would always have this kind of behaviour. But ... on mine at least, sometimes the clutch works ok with no "grinding" feeling and no stickiness, and sometimes it has this problem.

Also, the S5's that had the clutch replaced are a proof of the problem...
any news on this problem?
my sticky clutch pedal is only sticky 3% of time now,as opposed to 25%. gonna really put some more miles on this and see. for me the situation seems only in the pedal rebound, and not anything to do with the engine/clutch assembly . . . which is good news
Yes, it seems that the problem is in the pedal ... but ... as it is hydraulic , the problem can not be in the pedal ... (i think)

Maybe it will fix itself in time. That would be good news :D
1 - 6 of 78 Posts
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