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Clunking Noise from somewhere under dash or front end

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Every time I make a turn into a driveway, or go over RR track or bumps, there is a clunking noise coming from the front end… don’t know if it is a loose tie rode, motor mounts, or loose something in the dash…Has anyone had this problem.
2018 Audi A5 cabriolet…20,000 miles..Grandpa Bill, Austin, Texas…Thanks for all replys
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when i recently replaced my front struts, i forgot a washer that mounts the strut to the strut mount. that made a horrible clunking noise whenever I went over a speed bump.

i don't know what a loose tie rod sounds like, but if it was your motor mount, you should hear some noises when you go from park to drive/reverse, or when your car's stationary and you rev the engine to tilt it a bit under load.

but since your car should still be under warranty, why not have the dealership check it out?
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