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Hi there,

found that removing oil fill cap on idle is really hard due to much suction (vacuum). I did research and found that PCV valve (located on the head cover) could do this. So I have swapped it for new one, and suction is maybe a bit stronger. On other engines (1.4TSI) removing oil cap is fairly easy, only a gentle vacuum barely noticable.

Because I do not have any gen3 1.8TFSI to compare, is normal that there is so much vacuum ?

From PCV valve goes 2 tubes , one small 5-6cm long 8mm diameter to some solenoid and second like from washing machine 2cm diameter which goes down - do not know where...(

Hopping that this excessive vacuum cause oil consumption.

What else could cause this excessive vacuum except PCV valve , which I replaced by new original part ?


edit: car is running without engine light, no fault on VCDS

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No idea mate sorry. BUT I have never tried to remove that cap while the engine is running. When the engine is off is there any pressure???
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