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Are you looking to lower your Audi A5 without affecting the performance? A coilover lowering kit is a popular way to drop your ride several inches while improving the handling, steering response, and driving comfort. Plus, lowered cars look super cool.

The guys from ST Suspensions know how to achieve these results with minimum effort. Adjustable height, rebound damping, and top mounts allow you to tune these coilovers to your specific needs.

Get ST Suspensions Lowering Kit for your Focus and save 10%! The offer on ST SUSPENSIONS products ends on May 31, 2020. Hurry up, only 3 days left before the offer ends! Prices are already reduced.

ST Suspensions® - ST X Coilover Lowering Kit


  • Matched damper and spring rates
  • Corrosion resistant Zinc threaded strut housing
  • Height adjustable on all 4 corners
  • Integrated rising rate elastomeric bump stop
  • Self centering dust boot for insured durability
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