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I appologise, I have read the sticky, and whislt I do like the A5, I couldnt afford to buy one. I thought someone here might like this number plate so hopefully mods, you wont delete this thread, but I appreciate your problems with sellers as I am am member of the Mitsubishi Lancer Register.

I do however have this Cherished Number plate for sale though, had the series 'A3 CTV', 'A4 CTV' and 'A5 CTV', which is for sale here. My fiancee's dad produces Childrens Television many years ago, and lost A4 CTV as his ex wife didnt keep up the payments, I sold A3 CTV to an A3 owner in Manchester last yeat and thought i'd keep this one as My initials are AS, similar to A5 however got a compay car now so surplus to requirements. It is on ebay starting price of £400, so the highest offer via email [email protected] will win it. £25 change of nominee name included in price, number currently on retention and not on a car.

Thanks for looking. :thumbsup:
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