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Hi all,
I have an 2014 A5, and I like to ask wether it is posible to change the power of servotronic without ADS. (ADS does not like me how it works in each possition)
What I’d like to do it is to change it when I drive about 50 mph. For example now it work like that:
0-20 kph …..servotronic work at 100%
20-40 kph …..servotronic work at 80%
40-60 kph …..servotronic work at 50%
70-100 kph …..servotronic work at 20%
100~120 kph …..servotronic work at 0%
I like to change the power to servotronic in those range:

40-60 kph …..servotronic work at 50%.........for 80%
70-100 kph …..servotronic work at 20%......for 50%

Other range it is correct for me, but this It seems to me toomuch hard to move steering wheel
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