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Carbon cleaning...where to go in FL?

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Hey all! Any of you in Florida...preferably Orlando area...know where to go to get the carbon cleaning done? Any experience with certain places being better than others? I've seen that Audi has a special warranty to take care of it but won't do it till there are misfire codes logged. And they won't mess with an aftermarket modified car either. I bought this Audi used with 37k on it and have no idea if the carbon clean has been done. Read a lot about this issue and am looking for somewhere to go and have it looked at/cleaned out. Thanx ahead of time for the help...Happy Labor Day weekend!! :cheers:
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Have you tried RXP? It is available at most auto parts stores.

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Thanx for the info! I have not, from what I've read/heard the cleaners don't do anything to prevent or remove the build up. A thorough cleaning is the best/only method as several photos have shown and smooth idle and performance has returned as a result. Has this product "worked" for you? How many miles do you have?
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