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Caractere rear spoiler

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A few of you probably wondered what it has taken me so attach a random piece of ABS plastic to my pride and joy to keep the decals company.

Well, fret no more. Having taken delivery on Friday of my new rear spoiler from Caractere (, supplied and painted courtesy of UK distributor Road and Sport developments (RSD), I fitted it it today and here's some pics.

The Missus made the usual comment 'That's why they're called 'spoil-ers' - oh, and and you're such a chav' but I have to say, it works pretty well - probably better in the flesh than in the pics, reasonably subtle but 'toughening-up' the rear end and adding to the sense of purpose created by the quad pipes.

Spoiler-fitment tends to split opinion - you either love 'em or hate 'em and I know that really, I should let well alone. There's nothing wrong with the A5 rear end that the S5 bootlid alone didn't cure. But it's done and really, the rear now has far-improved 'f*ck-off-ability' about it.

Right, guess it's Spinner's brake mods next, then probably some 20"s. Is there an end to all this?


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I just got mine today and can't wait to get it hard was the installation?? Is it with adhesive, 3M double sided tape or screw on???
Its installed with a special adhesive
does it come with it?? and this special adhesive, would come off later down the line just in case you don't want the spoiler??
Thanks guys....can't wait...
good luck too, i think they look great, from the side it gives it a Aston M look at the rear.
Thanks, going to get it on this week....
1 - 4 of 78 Posts
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