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I thought the ride in was a bit bumpy this morning!

Fitting was a (relatively) simple process - the item was supplied with some P1 bonding agent (messy black stuff that goes off pretty fast!). You simply apply it sparingly to the outer edges of the mounting side of the spoiler, position it, fix it down (I used duck tape across the bootlid) and wipe off excess sealant with white spirit before it dries. Best to leave it taped down overnight otherwise your outer edges will start to lift....:eek:

Can't remember where I got the graphics - online, obviously. Think it was either Vipergrafix or Demon.

I appreciate that I'm meeting with some appreciation - I've become accustomed to my Chav-tastic modding tendencies being the object of A5OC derision - so good to know it's not all universally hated! :D
Hey, I couldn't find the decal on either of those sites that you mentioned. Let me know if you can remember where you got that from. Thanks a lot.
1 - 3 of 78 Posts
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