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Hi Guys,

Meanwhile I am waiting for the official audi service appointment to kick in I would like to drop a question to you, maybe you have some experience.

I have A5 3.0tdi Sportback (8T8) with DSG (2012 facelift). Recently I started to experience the following:

  • when car cold starts, it is pretty badly shaking, and abnormal noise comes from the front, 10-15 seconds later this is gone
  • when start to go forward in gear 1, the car is also shaking abnormally until around 1000RPM, then it goes away. Whenever it is above 1000RPM (regardless of speed), this abnormality is gone, so for standard driving in city, highway etc, all working fine.
  • reverse gear is all the way a catastrophy, car is shaking like crazy especially when moving slowly
Ah yes, the car has almost 300k kms in it, always serviced by Audi (oil change and filter in time etc).

Any idea what this could mean?

Thanks and best regards to all of you.

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