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some let downs

after seeing all the pics and videos and putting this car in the pedistal, it's natural some of you may experience a let down. One thing that I noticed was how this car feels large and wide and it should really be compared to BMW 6 series. I have a BMW 335 coupe and it doesn't feel as tossible as the beemer. I have to say it's more of a sophisticated, touring/sporting car with little more focus on touring vs. the which beemer is more focused on sporting aspect.

Love the twin turbo of 335, it's very addicting but it's not as sophisticated as the S5. It also falls way short in the interior quality and sound of S5 can't be matched.

Bottom line is I liked the S5 (I drove the meteor gray/red interior-it seems like most of the US dealers got this specd car), now if only i can decide on the color :D
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