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Hi Swede,

Having had mine for 4 weeks now and clocked up nearly 2000 miles I have to agree with most of the comments here especially Elstimpo's.

The S5 is not a car you buy to worry about any of your daily life concerns. It has to be bought to enjoy as it has so much to offer and in my experience has bought so many smiles from friends, family and strangers but mostly me every time I start her up! You should have seen the looks my wife got when I let her drive it today! The feel good factor could be put in many ways that could get us banned from the site so like Ian I'll stop on that one as well ;)

Bottom line is you are thinking to practical to own a car like this and I believe have made the right decision for yourself. It would be a crime to spend so much, having that feel good factor but behind it all not feeling comfortable with it.

Good luck with the A3:)
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