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Can I fit 265/35-19 on the standard 19" S5 rims?

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I know the standard is 255/35/19 on the S5. But the price difference is really small for tires at 265, or even 275 for the same rim SIZE. The question is: can I fit anything bigger then 255 on the SAME rims?

If anybody did this, please let me know. I called Audi dealers around and they can only tell me about the standards, which I already know from my S5 :)

I do not want to use any spacers or any mods for now, maybe a small drop later on, but I would consider 265 or 275 for my S5 right now, if that is feasible, with no rubbing and with the tires still properly fit to the rim.

I would like to now this for sure before I order the tires at, if they don't fit will be great hassle to return them. So if 265-275 won't fit for sure I will have to stick to the regular 255/35/19.

Thanks guys!
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Hi Pampas and welcome to the forum. Could you update your profile with your location? - makes it easier to understand the context of some posts.

I can't answer your question specifically but am 99% certain that you could safely go to 265 without any issues.

Certainly the Tyre Bible ( states that: "If you want the fat look but don't want to go bonkers with new wheels, you can oversize the tyres on the rims usually by about 20mm (to be safe). So if your standard tyres are 185/60 R14s, you can oversize them to about 205mm. But make sure you recalculate the percentage value to keep the sidewall height the same." (i.e., if you stick with 35 profile and increase tyre width, you'll end up with an increased diameter/rolling radius which may put out your speedo/odo readings by more than the allowable percentage). There's a calculator on the site to help you work this out.

I'd drop into my local tyre dealer and ask them for their opinion also?
I would caution you against using a wider tire on the stock rim which I believe is 8.5" wide. Reason being is that there is not enough wheel to support the wider tire which will cause it to "roll-over". I took a look at and the recommended width by a number of manufacturers for a 265/30-19 or 275/30-19 is 9"-10".

Not to see it won't fit; just that you may actually lose some performance IMHO.
255 on the stock rim already are the max they will take, well i'm pretty sure thats's the max. 265 is pushing it, not to mention if they did fit they will look weird as the will stick out loads from the rim.
So I guess I should stick to the original tire size, I will probably go for the Michelin PS2.

I am also thinking to buy the RS4 style wheels (rims+tires) in 19" with 275 on them, if you guys say that would work. I did not find them on tirerack or, do you know what is the price for the rims? I would go for the real ones not the replicas (unless you know something really good-I am scared about going with some cheap unknowns)

Thank you!
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