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I got the engine light, shows P0420 code, took code off, went to MOT garage the emmisions is fine. But 100 miles later again the engine light came on. What you guys think ?
Check for debris coming out of the exhaust, especially after reviewing the car at a stand still. You will be looking for white sand like stuff along with chorky chunks and cotton like flakes.
Check out my video where one catexploded on me, later on I went on to gutting the other one, by removing the firewall in the engine and removing the lambda sensors and poking rods and hard wire cables to smash up the remaining cat on the other back, and revving the sh##*out of te car to get it all out after refitting everything.

this is the video:

Obviously get the cars ecu tuned to run without cats, it will boost you’re cruising mpg as a bonus.
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