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In response to the swirl marks, I brought that up to them during the negotiation, (they had originally offered me 1 free detail) and I said I would not trust them to detail my baby, they assured me that the cars are detailed by hand no electric buffers, this dealer is also a porsche dealer and judging by how clean their inventory of cars look I have no cause to doubt their abillities. I appreciate the advice though.

In response to why it takes the car so long, the car build is actually complete in April, according to my audi vehicle order form it will be loaded on the ship 4/13 and (for those that did not realize it :) ) it takes a cargo ship up to 4 weeks weather permitting to reach the united states from Germany.
My order form says it should arrive in port 5/08 and delivered to dealer on 5/12.
It took 10 days from Munich with my BMW :confused:
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