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If you handy with tools and able to work on moderate jobs like brakes and suspension then you could drive a old premium car for a bargain.
I was a BMW man like yourself. Owned a BMW E92 LCI 320i for 5 years untill it was stolen. Over the 5 years replaced 4 fuel injectors, front/rear disc and pads, 4 shocks & 2 front lower control arms. If I visited the garage for those it would have hurt my wallet a bit.

8 months ago bought a 2009 A5 2L TFSI. I bought the car knowing all 4 shocks leaking but it had a new engine fitted by Audi 30k miles ago, so for me that was the key factor. I have since fitted 4 Sach OEM shocks cost me less than £200. I later replaced both upper control arms and 1 lower control arm .. all TRW brand and cost me another £200.
That £400 spent on the suspension has transformed to a different car to what I picked up 6 month ago.

I would think you need to put asside £1k if DIY repairs or £2K to £3K if visiting garage for immediate maintance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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